Low Water Landscape Design

A client was looking for a low water and low maintenance landscaping design for a Denver rental property.  Our designer came up with a great looking design that would cut down on water usage and keep maintenance to a minimum.

denver landscape design

Denver Mowing

Here along the front range, there is a smog problem.

Smog “dirties our air, clouds our cities, and drives up our health care costs,” EPA administrator Lisa Jackson said, projecting health-cost savings in the billions of dollars.

and consider this:

A full day of mowing with a gas mower would emit the same amount of hydrocarbons as driving a large car or truck from Fort Collins to New York City and back more than 52 times.-Mic Ortega

By switching to our electric mowers powered by Green energy. Our environmentally friendly lawn care can help reduce thousands of pounds of air pollutants.

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Clean and Quiet

Isn’t a garden supposed to be a peaceful sanctuary– A place to escape the racket and hubbub of the outside world? Of course. But gas powered garden equipment destroys that lovely calm.

In most neighborhoods you hear the incessant din of blowers, mowers, edgers, weed whackers, and all the other gas-powered weapons of horticulture.  –  Owen E. Dell

Our clean and quiet electric equipment is 50-70% quieter than the traditional gas-powered equipment. Hear that?… neither do we.

Before and After Photos

Below are some photos from one of the landscaping maintenance contracts we took over this summer.    The irrigation system had been neglected for the past few years and the yard was in rough shape.  Above and Beyond Ecoscapes repaired the irrigation system and brought the turf back to life with organic fertilizers.

Denver Mowing Before and After


In the coming days we will start posting helpful tips for Denver residences and photos of our work! Check back soon!