Tips on Organic Fertilizers – Environmentally Friendly Landscaping

Organic fertilizers increase the storage mechanisms in the soil, and this reduces the risk of placing too much fertilizer on your lawn.  This sounds like a simple concept, but it is one of the most important reasons for going organic in your lawn maintenance process.

In Denver, as well as in other locations across the country, it is important to be aware of safer ways to manage our ecosystem.  We all should be concerned about doing our part toward environmentally friendly landscaping.
Although organic fertilizers might not always be as convenient as some others are, in the long run, they are better for use in your lawn maintenance because they support the role of humus and other natural components in the soil.  Organic fertilizer has many positive effects on the natural order of things such as:
  • It helps to retain moisture in the soil so that lawns aren’t stressed as much during hot dry periods.
  • The soil structure is improved with organic fertilizers unlike the results achieved using powerful chemicals that can detract from some parts of the physical makeup of the soil.
  • It is a preventative in soil erosion, primarily because everything works together naturally and harmoniously.
  • Landscaping profits more from the slow release of fertilizers, and the natural organic fertilizers do just that.  Grass may not green up as fast, but it stays greener and healthier longer.  It reacts with nutrients that already exist in the soil so that lower nutrient densities are needed and fewer are wasted.

Because organic fertilizers work as efficiently as they do, some of the inherent problems of artificial fertilization can be circumvented.  The benefits include:

  • Not fertilizing as much and avoiding having to use stronger artificial fertilizers.
  • The absence of harmful runoff, which can jeopardize the life of fish and other wildlife.
  • Cost savings when organic fertilizer is accessible locally.
Of course, these are not the only reasons for using organic fertilizers, but they are good sound reasons for doing so which is an eco-friendly way to accomplish lawn maintenance tasks. Environmentally friendly landscaping makes the world a better place for everyone.
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